“Why Is This Relevant”

Why Is This Revelant?
I was recently the focus of an unorganized intervention by some family and friends who joyfully informed me about an amusing tic that I repeatedly expressed throughout my lectures. Specifically, after making some point in the presentation that I thought was very essential in providing life-enhancing awareness, I would unconsciously ask, “Why is this relevant?”

Unbeknownst to me, through the habitual use of this expression, I created a “stock phrase” used to personalize my presentations. Audiences, in anticipation, would look forward to my blurting-out, “Why is this relevant?”. In my mind, I turned this lemon, the “tic,” into lemonade, I came to see it as expression of something new, a “verbal” punctuation mark.

In written prose, conventional punctuation marks, including periods, commas, question marks and exclamation points, are designed to aid the clarity and comprehension of written language. In my mind, the verbal punctuation “Why is this relevant?” creatively represented a double exclamation point (!!), a doubling of the emphasis on the value I attributed to the point I had just made.

As an “inside” joke, Alex Lipton, our fabulous videographer, and “Uncle” Bruce’s favorite nephew (in this case, nepotism good!), would conclude our conversations with an exuberant “And, WHY is this relevant?” That joke has now been transformed into this month’s Newsletter video, the first in a series entitled “Why Is This Relevant … The Game Show.” Over the last few years, Alex and I have created a number of “characters’ to play in our monthly edutainment episodes. These are video segments designed to both entertain and offer life-enhancing education. From our stuffed “wardrobe” of characters starring in previous videos, the first gameshow episode contestants include: artist Bob Ross, Star Trek’s captain of the Enterprise, and everybody’s favorite strychnine-drinking testifier, Beaufort.

The video’s discussion describes neurological gamma-waves, a higher level of consciousness associated with peak performance. Gamma-wave activity can be monitored using electroencephalography (EEG). Chris Walton, PhD, revealed how a person in a state of relaxation could consciously connect through love with their heart, and 45-50 seconds later their EEG activity would spike in the range of gamma frequencies. The nature of enhancing life by conjoining heart and brain frequencies is also an important part of the self-empowering programs offered by the HeartMath Institute. A peak-performing heart-centered life empowers the experience of living Heaven-on-Earth.

We hope that this month’s video is truly entertaining and informative … because we have many more “characters” for future contestants, including Placebo Man, Merlin the Magician, Doc Brown from Back to the Future, Dr. Strange, Mister Rogers, and Obi-Wan Kenobi, among others.

In a state of joy, I like to leave you a with a truth offered by Norman Cousins in his book, Anatomy of an Illness, in which he emphasized a biological reality: Laughter is the Best Medicine!

With LOVE and LIGHT,

The Honeymoon Effect: The Science of Creating Heaven on Earth

Dr. Bruce H. Lipton describes how the honeymoon effect was not a chance event or a coincidence but a personal creation. Here, Dr. Lipton reveals how we manifest the honeymoon effect and the reasons why we lose it. This knowledge empowers listeners to create the honeymoon experience again, this time in a way that ensures a happily ever after relationship that even a Hollywood producer would love.

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