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Why Morning with Yoga is better than other Mornings

stretch-your-way-into-the-day-picture-id1149503678 Why Morning with Yoga is better than other Mornings

This blog aims to edify its readers about the benefits of doing yoga in the morning. So, start your day on a fresh and healthy note with morning yoga.

There is something magical about misty mornings. And that’s the cool breeze, the fresh environs, and the sunny sun, right? However, we often miss the glorious mornings. The laziness is to be blamed for it.

Would you dare to jump out of your bed early in the morning if you get to know that practicing yoga in the morning is the best? Well, we guess you would. Why wouldn’t you? After all, yoga is the ancient discipline that heals the body, mind, and soul.

The yoga teacher training in India curriculum emphasizes on morning yoga routine. Thereby, all the practitioners or those wishing to walk the yogic journey should aim for morning yoga for reaping these benefits.

1. Greater Focus and Concentration: Start your mornings with meditation practices. As you sit in meditation for 10 minutes, you will be able to focus better when you are holding a posture. Practice postures that demand greater focus. Practice this routine regularly, and your mind will be able to concentrate on things better the entire day.

2. Better Energy Levels: Moving the body in yoga postures involves cell movement. When you practice yoga in the morning in open surroundings, you inhale oxygen that invigorates the cells and the entire body. This is also scientifically proven. And you will feel fresher, lighter, and awake the whole day.

3. Embrace Calmness: With oxygenated cells and better focus, you are sure to feel relaxed and happy for the rest of the day. This is because of lower stress levels. Therefore, practice yoga and meditation in the morning to embrace a calm mind the entire day.

4. Improved Appetite: Now, this is a real motivation. We all are well aware of the fact that yoga contributes to weight management. But did you know? Practicing certain yoga poses like warrior pose, downward dog gives a boost to the metabolism, augments the digestion process, improves your appetite, and will help you lose extra calories. So, eat without guilt.

5. Toned Up: Gaining extra calories won’t hurt you if you keep up with morning yoga practice. Contorting the body in yoga poses will shape up your body. Your arms will be more defined, the back will be stronger, and the legs will look longer. Give morning yoga a chance and you will surely notice positive changes. And, you do not have to work too hard; a little dedication is all you need.

6. Drains Lymphatic System: Moving the body in yoga poses gives internal organs a good stretch that leads to the drainage of lymph (fluid in immune cells). Drainage of the lymphatic system helps it to fight infections, remove cancerous cells, dispose of toxic waste. For proper cellular functioning, the lymphatic system must perform its functions to its full potential. And, for that to happen, morning yoga is a must.

7. Soothe Body Pain: Whether you are suffering from neck pain due to wrong sleeping posture or chronic back pain from hunching, morning yoga can help. Start with beginner and passive yoga poses. Sit in meditation. Sooner you will feel better, and if you keep practicing yoga, one day pain will vanish.

Healthy Lungs: Welcoming mornings with yoga is extremely good for the lungs. Your lungs expand, and they get more room to breathe. As you stretch your body in junction with deep inhalation and exhalation, your lung capacity and functioning improves. Performing breathing exercises through the nose filter air, warm it and humidify it, remove dust, and other harmful components that you shouldn’t inhale into your lungs.

9. Balances Hormones: Attention to the practice of asanas, pranayama, and meditation has a positive effect on the endocrine system. The endocrine system is largely responsible for the maintenance of the overall body. This organ ensures that your glands and hormones function in a balanced state. Morning yoga also stimulates other vital glands of the body such as the pineal gland, which regulates your sleep hormones.

10. Enhances Mood: One of the greatest reasons to practice yoga in the morning is its effect on one’s mood and behavior. Calmness, happiness, good thoughts, patience are the resulting consequences of the morning yoga. If you feel anxious 90% of the time, give yoga a try instead of tossing pills and you will benefit.

11. Invigorates the Digestive System: Another ancient science of India-- Ayurveda states that overall health is determined by the digestive system. Yoga practices in the morning give a boost to the metabolism and the digestive system, the “Agni.” When the digestive fire (Agni) is strong, stomach, and other organs involved in absorption, assimilation, elimination functions more efficiently. And, if you are thinking about how yoga makes it possible? Asana practice massages the digestive organs, thus allowing them to work properly.

Early Morning Yoga Postures To Try:

Sun Salutation A

Spine Twist Pose

Cat-Cow Pose

Mountain Pose

Tree Pose

Child Pose

Downward-Facing Dog Pose


These are some of the beginner yoga poses you can try and slowly build your pace.

Now, are you willing to get out of bed early? Since the time you have become a morning yoga practitioner, what changes have you noticed? Share your experience with us.

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