You have the power to choose happiness - change your code!

the-ocean-breeze-brings-a-life-of-ease-picture-id1133819651 You have the power to choose happiness - change your code!

Do you ever find yourself thinking if only…

If only I were thinner 

If only I had been born into wealth

If only life weren’t so hard, then I could be happy.

Dear ones, let me tell you…

That isn’t how happiness works.

In fact, they are low frequency codes that destroy your ability to shift your state in order to feel happy. 

We’ve known wealthy people who were cloaked in depression.

We’ve known beautiful people who couldn’t stand to look at themselves in the mirror. 

And, we’ve known people who were diligent about living in high frequency codes even those with no money, no outer beauty and who were struggling daily in menial jobs, who were still joyful, who were filled with light and life - they were happy.

Happiness is not “out there” — somewhere, somehow, sometime, far, far away. It is right here, right now. 

It exists deep within you where it has always been and it happens—or doesn’t happen–with every choice you make. 

You are what you think and you become what you focus on. 

And as you focus on your thoughts and feelings, they determine the decisions you make from one moment to the next...which determines what code you’re in.

Do you know what this means?

It means you have the power to change your state, the way you feel by changing the way you think. 

It’s so simple, but most people don’t understand this, as like so many simple truths, we are rarely taught this.

The greatest obstacle you have to overcome is your own ego mind’s programming and its agenda — which is to separate you from everyone and everything to keep you “safe”.

Just think, you created your life by your codes which determined your choices. You have the weight you want, the relationships you want (or don’t want) and you have the life you want. 

You made choices—consciously or unconsciously–that have brought you to exactly where you are now and you will make the choices about where you will be a year from now.

If you would prefer to have a different life then you have to ask yourself, “what choices do I have to make to have the desired changes?”

Those choices have the power to create external changes, a new job, more money, more friends.

Those choices have the power to create internal changes as well. 

A greater sense of trust, gratitude, self confidence and love.

We are all a work in progress. In the evolution of your soul, you have the gift of knowing that happiness resides within your own heart and is only a choice away.

You have the power to be happy.  Be diligent about your choices. Happiness is always your choice. 

To Your Brilliance, Happiness and Success

Love Always,

Sandra and Daniel Biskind

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