You're Worth It

It’s time to raise our energetic, financial vibration!!! I want you all right now to download the song, “I’m Worth It” by Djsleazy and listen to it often. I realize you may not be a pop music fan, but my 3 year old daughter this week, MaryKate, is walking around the house blasting this song, wiggling her little hips dancing and singing “I’m worth it. Yeah, I’m worth it.” I understand this song could have a couple messages, but the fact that my 3 year old is internalizing that she is “Worth It” will go for miles during her lifetime.

Many of us have life experiences that have helped us feel like we are not worth it. We’ve created habits that don’t necessarily put us farther down our path to our soul work on this earth. Financially speaking, this comes about in various ways. We spend more than our income, we carry credit card debt and we keep choosing car loans over and over again. All things that deplete our energy and suck the life out of us as opposed to feed us more uplifting, positive energy. Then on top of that we pump ourselves up with Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts large coffees cream and sugar please, that keep us it the bad habit cycle of distracting ourselves to what’s really going on in our lives.

It’s a trap. It’s an addictive trap. Whether it be debt, coffee, other caffeinated drinks, bad relationships, or whatever else your vice is, they are all pulling you away from soulful living. I watched two of my employees this week juice to reduce inflammation and just feel less foggy and feel lighter. It was interesting to hear them speak about how when they no longer had their distractions. They actually felt their feelings. By doing so, it allowed them the space to choose consciously whether or not to continue those things that were not serving them very well. They had profound clarity due to the emotional space juicing gave them. I believe that’s why we don’t stick to diets or budgets because on some level, we’ve not fully committed to creating the life we dream of. We’re on some level nervous to feel our feelings. It’s foreign. For years, generations were taught to stuff them down, fall in line, and do and say all that you should.

I’ve been going through my own journey this past week as I continue to do the work I am meant to bring into the world. I’ve realized that I’ve distracted myself with pulling in vendors to help me on my professional journey that are order takers. Another gap was that none of them had skin the game to generate revenue, meaning if it didn’t work out, “Sorry Julie”. They didn’t have any skin in the game. I had all the risk. Why, because I wanted control. My childhood was packed with lots of things going on as 1 of 12 children. How I coped with it was to take control of things around me. It was a survival mechanism I put in place. That’s how I hard wired it in my subconscious mind which has led to how I respond to the external world.

In the past two weeks, I decided to break that bad habit of the need to control everything around me. Sound familiar to any of you out there? I’ll bet. There’s so many of us that are wound up so tight trying to control every move around us, we’re about to burst. This has put me in emotionally vulnerable positions. I observed that I was like a fish out of water. I felt very strange. I wasn’t clear as to how to just be with the emotion of feeling out of control. Anyone that knows me knows I like to have my act together. What came up for me was nervousness. My insecurity kept rising. I was feeling scared. Not a familiar place for me to be. I was scared of the unknown. I never allowed myself when I was younger to actually feel my feelings. I learned from my environment as a child to just divert those emotions into some other behavior that didn’t serve me very well.

Since I am a financial professional I’ve got the money side of the equation mastered. I always say, we either work things out or act them out through our money or through our health, and in many cases both. My bad habits and distractions have to do with my health. I’ve always stuffed emotions down with food. A client of mine put up on Facebook, 30-30-30 challenge. 30 days of eating healthy, 30 days of exercise, and 30 days of losing weight. I opted in. The challenge created the space for me to do something else to interrupt my pattern. The past few weeks I’ve chose to observe, not judge, when I emotionally ate which always resulted in overeating. This led me to make another conscious choice. I chose to stop my bad habit of emotional eating. How? The day after I overate, I chose to fast to empty my stomach to get back into alignment once again. I’m giving myself the space to do it in bite size pieces. We all can do that. Do things in digestible pieces so we don’t feel we are denying ourselves, but also putting ourselves in more alignment with our true selves as opposed to giving into all of our distractions of life.

As I’ve mentioned, financially, we have all kind of distractions we’ve created:

  • Debt – House, cars, student loan debt, credit cards, etc.
  • Overspending month to month from the income that is actually coming into our checking accounts
  • Creating credit card debt that our spouses have NO clue about (I see this so often)
  • Stay in jobs that we hate, so we rob ourselves of raises and good bonuses.

Just to name a few.

Ask yourself a few questions:
  • What are your money distractions or bad habits?
  • What small steps you can take right now that will free you of these depleting behaviors?
  • Who do you need to cut out of your life that reinforce your bad habits?

It all boils down to self love. Love yourself enough to move to the next place of your personal evolution. Embrace change, it really truly is the only thing that is constant in our lives. Change, change, change….so let’s just love it!!!
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