You Steer Your Life as You Embody the Physical


When we live life by looking for and finding “problems” to fix, this only makes us better at problem-solving.

Yet that is often how we experience life. Moving from one “problem” to another because as we “land” here on earth, we experience what I refer to as a “splat.”

The body goes one way, the mind goes another, the breath yet another way, and the spirit “hangs out” trying to figure out what’s what wondering, “How do I land here fully and live this life?”

This leaves us needing problems to fix in order to know who we are.

We operate from within that dispersed, problem-solving state as if this is how life is supposed to happen. You think, this is real and make do despite the sense of, something’s missing. Slowly, during the course of life you begin to pull yourself back together and start to feel more collected and connected. 

Who do you identify as?

We must go beyond an intellectual knowing that we are energy, and embody our energetic or spiritual nature. We must literally bring our energy to life within the physical body and identify as that energy.

The Energy Codes® work is designed to help facilitate this pulling together so that you identity as the energy being you are. This allows you to consciously access an eternal and immense stream of information. This information, which is more of You, is constantly available to guide you through the life experience. It’s here to answer questions before you even realize you have them. This is the way that we’re supposed to be living. 

As you “live life,” you start to recognize you’re here to find the different aspects of yourself and tie them back together again so that you remember your oneness. That is the purpose of life.

Hence, we want to recognize—everything is energy, period!

Energy that is vibrating at different frequencies. Those different vibrational frequencies create different shapes and densitities which create “ease of flow” or “challenge of flow.” That’s it. 

How do you start to process life differently when you experience a “challenge of flow” moment?

A problem you perceive that needs fixing—perhaps it’s a regret or remorse, anger, jealousy, something in life that’s not going the way you desire? We often wonder, “How do I stay connected?” How do I, “Be with those uncomfortable emotions without ‘losing’ access to the Soulful Self or my greatness?” 

You, as energy, are continuously moving through the body in a toric field flow. We discuss this in depth during The Energy Codes coursework so you are able to understand this foundational flow. In a nutshell, the energy comes from a funnel, to a channel, down through the physical body, hits the earth, and rises back up. It then cycles around and around. It recycles in at the base of the spine and rises again. 

This toric field flow happens automatically all of the time. Yet life circumstances generate misperceptions, or “gunk,” which constricts the energy flow in some areas.

In order to master the energy flow, we have to come into the body to steer it. 

Where are you steering from?

Most of us live in our heads in the thinking body and outside of the feeling body. When we live from within the splat, because the mind went one way and the body another, we’re not integrated. This makes it really hard to steer from the mind alone as it is not connected to or perceiving the rest of who we are—our wholeness. 

One simple practice in The Energy Codes is the four anchor points to drop more of You into the core of the body and tether there. As we anchor in the core, we access more of the energy falling in to this body system which allows us to be in the physical body so that we catch and use more of the energy already flowing into the system. 

When you’re in the body consciously catching the energy, you can steer it. You are able to engage so that you manage, shift, and move that energy. You have the ability to transmute—to change the vibrational frequency so you see a new solution where you previously perceived a “problem.”

By coming into the body using the anchor points, we allow an expansion to happen

This is the opposite of what we often think because when we come into the core of the body, our energy field gets bigger. When we leave the core of the body, our vital force gets weaker, and our energy field gets smaller. 

Perhaps you have a tendency to go out “there” to help or try to make a difference. Yet your influence in the world is greater when you start in “here,” because you allow a more robust energy flow through the toric field. 

Stepping into embodiment

It doesn’t mean we don’t go out there and try to help. But first we have to discover how to stay in the body, to embody, to make a more effective and sustainable difference in the world. This is the whole message of The Energy Codes—embodiment

It’s about how to get in the body, stay in the body, and manage our issues versus looking for problems to fix so that we know who we are. The question becomes, “How do I stay in a blissful, embodied state while also dealing with the issues of life at the same time?”

One way is to do the Energy Codes practices so you tap into an embodied state in an instant without having to go through the entire process. Then it is instantaneous to anchor and activate the blissful state, the love, so that when you experience an issue or challenging situation, you are embodied on command. 

Instead, we hold on to the “gunk” and the issues and then want to use our resources, our energy, to solve the perceived problem. Yet all we have to do is let go. 

Let go and be available to the bliss that would be coming through our system nonstop if we didn’t get in the way.

As we let go of any idea that…

  • This is hard. 
  • This circumstance is not good.
  • I’m not good enough. 
  • You’re not good. 
  • Something’s wrong, missing or broken. 

We allow the mind to kick into neutral, we bring the heart forward, and we’re present rather than allowing those perceptions to take over. Presence is love. When we are present, everything has an opportunity to change because love is there. 

When love isn’t in the mix, anything we desire to transform can be challenging.

Perhaps you’re experiencing overwhelm or a desire to leave a situation…

  • Anger or jealousy. 
  • Frustration or disappointment.
  • Attachment to a desire for things to be certain way. 
  • In an emotionally charged state.
  • Engaging defensively.

Part of what’s happening is, you’re in your head. You’re not fully present. 

What you need to do is manage to get out of your head and into your heart. One way is to use the anchor points to embody because the moment you do, you’re no longer overwhelmed. 

When you’re in your heart, you automatically drop closer into this anchored channel in the toric field. You begin churning energy moving energy and the kind of energy that you’re moving happens to be the energy of transmutation. 

Love is the universal solvent. There is nothing that cannot dissolve in love

Nothing can stand in the face of love. That’s how powerful love is. When you’re in this conflicted state, or wondering how to be in this blissful state and still deal with your “issues,” you need to find a loving way to come to the issue. To include the “gunk,” we have to find a loving way to stay in the conversation. Even if that simply means to love yourself enough to breathe, instead of taking it so personally. To breathe instead of getting so intertwined, mind to mind, in the “gunk.” 

When the mind meets heart, mind melts. 

No matter what the circumstances happening that… 

  • Feel uncomfortable. 
  • Feel triggering. 
  • Appear conditional or one-sided.
  • You’re attached to an outcome.

No matter what it is, if you can stay in your core in a divine loving state, something will reveal so that you build the circuits to accomplish what you came into this life to accomplish. 

If you’d like to discover simple and quick paths to build circuits for embodiment of Your True Self, join me in The Energy Codes Level I online modular course. You walk away with a new understanding of who you are so that you, too, can live the joy-filled life you desire.

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