Your Ego Puppy Will Be In Distress When You Try This

ego-puppy Your Ego Puppy Will Be In Distress When You Try This

Did you know that when you judge someone else your unconscious mind applies that same judgment to you?

So the more you judge others, the more you are really judging yourself.

And by constantly seeing the bad, you actually train your mind to see more of the bad.

Wow! How stressful is that?

This increase in stress weakens your immune system, causes high blood pressure, fatigue depression and anxiety. 

It’s easy to find fault in yourself and others, but it often takes real effort to find the good. 

Can you go a whole week without judging yourself and others?

And, because you’re already getting used to training your thoughts for No Complaining and No Self Judgment, let’s add all three to this week’s Challenge   

Your Ego Puppy won’t make this easy, however YOU CAN DO THIS…your ego puppy will be in distress when you try this

Give yourself 100 points. 

Everytime you become aware of  judging yourself or someone else (and yes, that includes politicians, family and friends) deduct 1 point, and for every complaint deduct another point.

Be sure to drop by our Activate Abundance Facebook group to share your experience with us! 

Such a wonderful exercise in living as a high frequency, divine being by becoming kind and tolerant to the miraculous being that you are

There is so much love here for you

Sandra and Daniel xxx

PS: Remember, everyone has an Ego Puppy who is ready, willing and able to complain. We’ll all likely lose points this week. Don’t give up! The more we learn to be accepting of the programs of ourselves as well as others, the more we learn to love.

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