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Your Emotional Well Being

wellbeing Your Emotional Well Being
I feel that your emotional well being is what holds the answer to your overall happiness and joy. Happiness is what the human being is looking for. This comes to us through a combination of two things, we need to focus our concentration on these constantly. 


This is what is important. It means, you combine, Feeling good with Effective Functioning. This basically includes, feeling good, happy and satisfied with life.You need to feel capable and we'll supported. There are only subtle differences in all these factors. They are basically almost the same, or we can even say, on a similar vibrational frequency.


This per se is supposed to be associated with, more money, higher performance, helping others, generally all behaviors that you can identify with success. Psychological well being means, feeling happy and doing well.


Most people like to assume,  that the absence of distress means,  the person has a high psychological well being,  but this is not so.There are many factors that come into play here. 


Research tells us that people with a better psychological well being, are:
  1. Healthier
  2. Live longer and enjoy a better quality life.
  3. Fewer social problems
  4. Fewer negative behaviors, like criminal attitudes etc. 


We each one of us is born with a talent which resonates with our being. We normally try to suppress them,  by trying to do what seems right to our conformist self. This inherent talent, needs to be pondered over and promoted. Only this fact will give us inner joy. 


Letting go of anger and resentment, is a key to emotional well being. Carrying resentments means, you carry hurt which does not allow progress. It suppresses the positive. Allow the positive to flow. 


Psychological well being, has a lot to do with good relationships. Deep connections and strongly bonded relationships give a meaningful impact to life. The quality of relationships is very important rather than the quantity. The impact of face to face relationships is most important. There is no substitute for a coffee and chat with a friend. 


Sometimes thinking of your best memories, can be instantly joyous. It raises your adrenaline while you are remembering the little joys of your childhood.


Imagine all the beautiful things you cover in life. Love and laughter and joyous times. Imagining a glorious future, could be the most satisfying feeling contributing to our wellness factor. 


This feeling improves the well being immensely. Thinking positively, changes the mind set. It gives an overall feel good factor.  This in turn creates a spiral effect, leading to a psychological well being relief system. 


This leads to increase in happiness and also in one's own level of resilience. 
When you perform every activity,  with a conscious awareness, whether it's eating, chewing your food, social interactions, making a conversation with someone, it is essential that you do it with full concentration.This is the only way to remain in an emotionally comfortable zone. Even activities like, taking a walk, exercising, cleaning your room, must be done with complete awareness. Focus on the activity completely.  


It is important that as you move from one activity to another,  you pause and think,  and then move on to the next. This breather gives you time to space your emotions. 

Psychological well being,  is all about keeping your emotions in a level of calm and  balance.The mind is a wanderer. It requires practice and discipline to keep it sensibly engaged.Keep yourself in the right mental space, and traveling on the road to happiness.
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