It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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Your Healing Power Is Within You

In the present times, or we could almost say that, in most of the times, mankind is constantly looking for healing. Living a full life is simply a potpourri of pleasure and pain. To get over the pain, we need healing, and for this we need to make a conscious effort.

This is a vital question, and is of deep concern to everyone. The healing power is definitely not coming from a source away from us. It is lying deeply embedded in our own subconscious. The true healer is our own subconscious power. The doctors, psychiatrists and psychologists, are mere facilitators. It is for us to go deep within, and access our own power.

Our conditioning by our environment, our peer group, parents, elders etc gives us certain patterns. The human mind constantly responds to these patterns created by this conditioning. These give us many limited concepts, which further lead to mental blocks in our growth, by giving us negative patterns.
We can use different names for the one healthy power that exists.We can call it, Nature, Life, God or Creative Intelligence. But in reality, i feel these are different names we use, to address our own subconscious power.

If we allow the flow of the healing life principle, which is lying deeply embedded within us, to flow in an uninhibited fashion, conquering, and removing mental, emotional and physical blocks, this will heal the mind and body of all the disease. This healing principle works in all the people regardless of caste, color, creed or race. You needn't belong to any religion to heal yourself. Your subconscious mind will heal you, regardless of your religious sentiment.

No matter how many different approaches, and techniques we use, there is in actuality only one process of healing. That is faith. Whatever you believe in, so shall it be.

The true essence of life only lies in belief. This is actually, a power in your mind, which causes the power in your subconscious to get working in your life according to your thoughts.

Why do we hurt? This happens because the thoughts in your mind are creating the result. 
Change your thinking and the belief in your subconscious will change, to alter your reality.

We need to have trust in the law of healing. We can call it the prayer and meditation psychological treatment. You can choose a certain idea,develop a mental picture of plan you want to develop and experience. Convey this idea and mental image to your subconscious by feeling this reality. 
Remain faithful to your mental attitude, your prayer will be answered.

Your problem, or disease is created by your negative thoughts, charged with fear logged in your subconscious mind. You must realize that cleansing the mind of these negative thoughts, will bring you healing.

Turn towards your own inner power. Remind yourself of the infinite power and intelligence you have to heal all conditions.As the truth overpowers your thinking, the fear dissolves. This behaviour and thought, will ultimately overcome, the erroneous beliefs.
Any method moving you from fear and worry, to faith and expectancy will heal.

Allow the process in you, to be your own healer.
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