Sometimes there is not a word for what I want to describe. I have made up many words for my own use like, Thrival, Beditation and Heartfulness.

Expansion and contraction tend to be considered opposites. From my experience there is something other than contraction I call INSPANSION.

Expansion is often an increase of growing wider and larger.
Contraction is generally considered a decrease, restriction or withdrawal.

Just like how we can have an expanded awareness usually related to the mind, we can also have an inspanded awareness with our heart.

INSPANSION is inward growth, going deeper inside, coming more into yourself. Inspansion is manifest oneness.

Inspansion is not a limitation like contraction. It is complete and all inclusive acceptance.

©11-22-15 Will Hale – Tadpole Parade

The moment
Some might call

Is really

Is getting bigger
More open

Goes deeper

There may be joy
In expansion
But there is peace
In inspansion

Holding close
To my heart
Is sweetly comforting
Is deeply personal
Where expansion
Becomes universal

“In-Bodyment is the new transcendence.” Will Hale 10-5-20

“You can’t think your way through emotions, so get out of your mind and into your body.” Will Hale 9-3-18

“Allowing is giving in, to what IS.” Will Hale 6-23-16

“I don’t need to give up anything in love, I just need to give in to everything.”
Will Hale 6-23-16

“Surrender proves I trust the universe. I can relax into my natural state of harmony.” Will Hale 12-5-12

I realized while writing this blog post, my Heartful Harmony Refresh of settling into calm is a doorway to inspansion. The Great Calm vision I had March 14, 2020 is also a vision of inspansion. You can read more about Heartful Harmony and The Great Calm in my SoulSpring post Be Here and Be Calm

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